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Flipping spins to boost the efficiency of LEDs

less than 1 minute read


I wrote a short article for my Doctoral Training Centre that explains the physics behind one area of my research: flipping spins to boost the efficiency of LEDs. The target audience is the general public and those interested in joining the NanoDTC programme. Read the article here.


Japan 2019: Culture & Collaboration

1 minute read


In September and October 2019 I visited Japan for the NanoDTC JapaNano symposium. The 1-week symposium was based in Tokyo and aimed to develop NanoDTC PhD students’ understanding of research and, more broadly, life in Japan through visits to Tokyo Tech, Toshiba, InspireLab, RIKEN and a number of start-up companies. However, already being half-way around the world, and in what you could say is the heart of TADF research, I decided to extend my stay by a couple of weeks in order to visit some more laboratories!