About me


I am a final-year PhD student in the Optoelectronics group, Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge and visiting student at CAESR, University of Oxford. Currently, I am investigating the spin and photo-physics of new organic emitters for optoelectronics and optospintronics with Prof. Sir Richard Friend and Dr Emrys Evans. My experimental work focuses on transient electron spin resonance, time- and temperature-resolved laser spectroscopy, and accurate photoluminescence quantum efficiency measurements.

I studied Physics as an undergraduate at the University of Manchester before joining the Cambridge NanoDTC MRes+PhD program in 2017. After completing my Masters of Research long-project in the Optoelectronics group I decided to stay in the group to pursue my PhD. I have always been strongly interested in researching the physics of semiconducting materials, this is reflected in my research experience, which spans from electron microscopy of silicon solar cells to ultrafast spectroscopy of small organic molecules for LEDs.

I am interested in how emerging technology impacts society and I want to ensure technological developments ultimately benefit the public. I believe this is achieved through strengthened academia-government knowledge exchange and scientifically-backed public policy. From Sept-Dec 2021 I am a Postgraduate Fellow in the UK Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST), an office of both Houses of Parliament that provides independent and balanced analysis of research evidence related to public policy issues. During the fellowship I am writing a policy briefing about data sharing between Government agencies and with private and third sector organisations. More information about POST’s work and my policy briefing’s scope can be found here. The finished policy briefing will be published in Jan 2022.